How to Find Your Next Legal Job

As somebody in the legal profession you might be quite happy in your job, or maybe you’re looking for another role, perhaps in a different location, or even in a different area of the law.

Here are some of the ways that you can find a legal job.

1. Your practice might be recruiting, or perhaps you might want to let your superiors know that you’d be keen on progressing your career and would like to be considered for any appropriate roles that might come up.

2. You might want to see if any of the local or national solicitors you know have any positions available. Perhaps you work on a street that has many firms of solicitors on, or maybe you know people who work at other practices.

3. Local papers can be invaluable when job hunting. If you don’ want to have to move to a different town, then the local paper can help you keep your focus on jobs near where you live.

4. Some of the national newspapers have a recruitment or law section, and you might the right legal job there. Even though there could be lots of competition, or few jobs that appeal to you, you could get lucky.

5. It’s a good idea to ask friends and family to keep their ears to the ground for you. You might have friends in the recruitment or legal professions, or know people who often use solicitors. The more people you ask, and that know you’re looking for a new legal job, the more chance you have of finding a suitable position.

6. Solicitors’ websites are invaluable when you’re looking for a new role. Perhaps you’re currently scouring the websites of solicitors in your city, to see if they have anything that you could do.

7. It might be that you want to apply for each and every job you see, or maybe you’ll just apply on spec to some of the bigger law firms in the country. Perhaps you know exactly what you want to do, where you want to do it, and for which practice.

8. Legal news and opinions websites sometimes carry adverts for law firms that are recruiting, and you might find something useful there. You might also learn about practices that are growing, and hiring, or that are offering additional services, and so will need more solicitors.

9. A recruitment website can take the hard work out of finding a job, by searching your specified locations, and salary expectations.

10. A specialised legal recruitment website will filter out all the unsuitable roles, and will only deal with law jobs. This means that you’re not having to wade through each and every job that mentions law, or legal, or solicitor. You can be sure that the jobs posted here will be accurate and up to date, and that the recruiter is looking for somebody with your skills and experience, and can help you to further your career.

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